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Homeopathic Emergency Kit

A basic homeopathic kit kept in the home, or packed along when traveling, can save lots of time, discomfort and distress when those inevitable or unavoidable acute injuries and illnesses strike. No home should be with out one. There are many wonderful ready made kits available online, but it is sometimes more appropriate to put one together for yourself, since you are the one that knows your family's susceptibilities the best.

Following are some of the most commonly indicated homeopathic remedies needed in minor acute emergencies and illnesses. Choosing the 6c or 30c potency is usually the best option for laypersons and those potencies are readily available. Dosage, in acute conditions,  may be 1 or 2 pellets repeated every 1/2 to 1 hour if necessary, up to 3 doses. Dosage frequency can then be reduced to 3 times a day for a couple of days, if necessary.

Aconite - This remedy is considered the "A" in the ABC of Children's Remedies. Aconite is indicated at the onset of chills and colds, especially those that begin after exposure to a cold wind. Symptoms can include frequent sneezing, hot clear liquid from the nose, fever and thirst. Aconite is also indicated for mental trauma, fear and shock - ranging from having an argument to witnessing a terrible accident. Irritability, restlessness and anxiety are often present.

Apis - This is a great remedy for stings and bites, especially those of wasps and other insects. It is particularly indicated in bites and stings which burn, itch, sting and swell with redness and heat and feel better with cool applications.

Arnica - One of the most well known homeopathic remedies, Arnica is an excellent first aid treatment for physical trauma of any kind. Falls, bruises, strains, wounds, muscle soreness and swelling yield particularly well to Arnica. It is the first thing I reach for in just about any injury, from mild to severe.

Arsenicum - Arsenicum has many us, one of which is for vomiting and nausea due to food poisoning - particularly from bad meat. It is also an excellent remedy for colds with painful sneezing and thin, watery nasal discharge, where the person is very chilly and thirsty, but only for small sips of water.

Belladonna - This remedy is the "B" in the ABC's of Children's Remedies. It is indicated in conditions like fevers and headaches where there is sudden onset, throbbing pains, red, hot skin and dilated pupils. It can also be used for scalds or burns, if there is throbbing present and inflammation is starting.

Bryonia - This remedy is indicated in colds and flus where there is a delayed onset and the person wants to remain completely still because even the least movement makes the symptoms worse. There is a tendency for the condition to spread to the chest with a dry cough that is worse at night. There may also be a great thirst for cold water.

Calendula - Essential for open cuts and wounds, Calendula is an effective antiseptic and speeds healing. Use Calendula topically instead of Arnica on open wounds.

Carbo Veg - This remedy can be used for stomach upsets and food poisoning, especially when the source is bad fish.

Chamomile - Chamomile is the "C" in the ABC's of Children's Remedies. One of the symptoms that almost always indicates this remedy is that one cheek is hot and red, while the other is cold and pale. Useful for teething infants, pain and fever, especially in those who are very sensitive to pain. Other symptoms are intense irritability, restlessness, temper tantrums and children who only calm down when carried.

Hepar Sulph - This remedy is indicated when wounds, sores or boil show signs of infections, such as, redness, heat and swelling. Hepar Sulph is a great remedy for abscesses. It is also helpful in colds that have much sneezing and develop thick, yellow, offensive nasal discharge.

Hypericum - This remedy is extremely helpful in wounds and trauma that involve nerve endings, fingers, toes or spine or those injuries that cause intense pain. Things that come to mind are slamming fingers in the door or stubbing the toe.

Ledum - Ledum is the prime remedy to use in puncture wounds. It is also useful for bites and stings that feel cold (opposite of Apis, above).

Nux Vomica - This remedy is indicated in indigestion, nausea and vomiting which results from nervous strain, stress, overwork or overindulgence in food and drink - the hangover remedy. It is also useful in colds where the nose streams in a warm room, but is stuffed up at night. The person is extremely chilly, cannot warm up and is very irritable.

Pulsatilla - Pulsatilla also can be indicated in indigestion, but from rich or fatty foods. However, it is better known for conditions such as earaches, headaches and colds. In all cases there is usually thirstlessnes,  amelioration from the open air and aggravation from warm, stuffy rooms.

Rhus Tox - Useful in cases of joint injuries, sprain, muscular stiffness after over-exertion or exposure to cold and wet conditions, Rhus Tox is also a great remedy for poison oak and chicken pox, as well as colds and coughs. Some of the main symptoms indicating this remedy are restlessness, feeling worse from beginning to move, but feeling better after continued motion, feeling worse at night and from uncovering, but better from warmth.

Ruta - Ruta is used when injuries have occurred to the tendons or cartilage, and especially, to the wrists and ankles.

Urtica Urens - This is an excellent remedy for first degree burns as well as sunburn and nettle stings, or other rashes from plant contact.

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