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"The Midlife wellness goddess"

Vanessa Nixon
Traditional Naturopath

Gracefully navigate the shifts and changes of menopause while stepping into the spiritual initiation of your wisdom years with
passion, vitality and true wellness.

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Have you always wanted to know how to have clear, healthy, beautiful skin, without resorting to chemicals, pills or drastic actions?  Have you always wondered about the secrets of beauty care experts ...

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Are you ready to take ownership of your health, but you don’t know where to start?   Are you interested in becoming healthy the natural way, but you need someone to guide you?   Have you already ...

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Moving your body is an integral piece of creating and maintaining physical, emotional and mental health. In our society today, many of us find ourselves so out of touch with our bodies that we may find ...

"For me, one of Vanessa's most important qualities is her healing presence. Because I tend to be an anxious person, I feel best when working with a practitioner who listens deeply, who is grounded, and who can reassure me. That person is Vanessa.
I know that she will always listen to me, ask clarifying questions when needed, and offer thoughtful, useful suggestions. She is extremely patient and flexible.
I love that Vanessa is conversant in different healing modalities that she can bring to bear on various situations. Both her words of wisdom and her remedies have joined to support me deeply along my path. Working with Vanessa has brought me much healing."
~Jenny Wood,  Acupuncturist
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“The atmosphere in Vanessa’s class is one that is very conducive to learning and accepting an easy exchange of thoughts. Her warmth is genuine, her heart generous and her mind uncluttered and organized. She is a great teacher.”
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~ Elysa Ray, Fish Health Specialist
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