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Vanessa Nixon has presented at events, summits, podcasts, lectures and workshops, virtual and in-person in numerous and varied venues.
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Presentation Topics:

Menopause -


  • Menopause as a Spiritual Initiation

  • Top 3 Myths of Menopause

  • Food as Medicine: 3 Ways to Nourish Yourself for a Vibrant Mid-Life

  • Herbal Adaptogens for a Radiant Menopausal Journey

Health and Wellness -

  • Tap Into your Inner Healer

  • 3 Steps to Creating your Natural Medicine Chest

  • Hands-on Herbal Workshops

Movement and Dance -

  • Movement Meditations to Embody Radiant Wellness

  • Belly Dance Breakout Bliss

  • Introduction to Belly Dance as a Sacred Practice


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