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Rituals, Spells and Natural Remedies for
Peri, Mid, and Postmenopausal Women

Use this timely and insightful compendium on natural health for mid-life women as your essential guide for the menopausal journey.  In this visionary handbook, the myths and misconceptions of menopause are examined and dispelled with practical tips for managing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and are reframed as a spiritual initiation into the most powerful and impactful time in a woman’s life.

Book Testimonials

“Vanessa Nixon's knowledge of the power of plant and energy medicine and how it can assist women in the sacred initiation of midlife is extraordinary. Her book is a visionary gift to wise women everywhere.”

 ~~ Cynthia Gregory, Author of What is Possible From Here and Journaling as a Sacred Practice


“… in this groundbreaking book, Vanessa combines her expertise through many years as a wellness practitioner with her stand for the wisdom and power that women are capable of harnessing as we age. Her reframing of menopause, mid-life and what she calls “our wisdom years” as empowering and enjoyable rites of passage is a refreshing and a much needed perspective for our generation.”

~~ Jessica Hadari, Spiritual Business Coach at


“What was once seen as a time to wane into obscurity, is now, with Vanessa's midlife road map, a time of meno-morphosis, reclaiming your power -- body and soul.”

~~ Jeanne Sullivan Billeci, Author of  Be the Soul Mate You Want to Attract : Step into your Sovereignty and Magnetize a Higher Love

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