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"The Midlife wellness goddess"

Vanessa Nixon
Traditional Naturopath

My Story

My journey in natural healing began almost 30 years ago...

I had been struggling with chronic, recurring bouts of bronchitis for years. I had tried all the conventional treatments, but my health was continuing to decline. 

Then a friend suggested I try an herbal remedy instead of the usual course of antibiotics that were obviously not working very well. I recovered in half the time I usually did! And, even more amazingly, the recurrences became less and less frequent until bronchitis became a thing of the past for me. 

That did it!

I was hooked. 

I began my journey of creating a natural lifestyle and creating true wellness for myself no matter what health challenges I faced.


In my 20’s, I rebuilt my health after suffering from chronic illness for 6 years.


In my late 20’s and early 30’s I incorporated teachings and trainings from a multitude of natural modalities to uplevel my health as well as that of my growing family.


In my 30’s and 40’s I raised 3 healthy daughters exclusively with natural medicine.


AND, over the last 10 years, I have been teaching and mentoring women to do the same. I’ve helped my clients overcome mood swings, weight challenges and even chronic illness, to name just a few.


As I am now navigating the waters of menopause myself, I can relate to my clients on a deep, personal level and bring them solutions that I know will work, because I've experienced them myself.


I'd like to give you the keys to harness the power of nature to increase your health, grow your confidence in taking charge of your own wellness and elevate your life by connecting with your own intuitive magic.

Let me show you how I created radiant health in body, mind and spirit through the healing remedies that nature provides...

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Vanessa Nixon
Traditional Naturopath

Professional credentials:
Doctorate in Traditional Naturopathy
Master’s in Herbal Medicine
Certificate in Aromatherapy
Certificate in Nutrition
Certificate in Homeopathy
Certificate in Reflexology
Certificate in Iridology
Professional Middle Eastern Dance Instructor
Founder, CEO of Natural Look Mineral Makeup

About Vanessa

As a Traditional Naturopath and Author, Vanessa Nixon is passionate about helping women thrive during the spiritual initiation of their menopausal journey. She is adept at attunement to natural health, invigorating dance and therapeutic movement, and teaching women to see their innate natural beauty.

After reimagining her life at age 50, Vanessa discovered a profound and deeply intuitive process that helped her to embrace her fabulous inner wise woman fearlessly.   She now shares these powerful and ancient initiations with women in the US and beyond who want to reclaim vibrant good health in their own sacred mid-life transit.

Vanessa Nixon lives in the Pacific Northwest and is CEO of the natural cosmetics company, Natural Look Mineral Make-Up. When she is not practicing in the realm of natural health and organic beauty, she is a professional Belly Dance instructor.

If you'd like personalized help, schedule a complimentary 30 min.

Vibrant Mid-Life Breakthrough Session, designed for women just like you, who are looking for natural ways to reclaim your vibrant health and step into your power during these years of transition.

In your Vibrant Mid-Life Breakthrough Session, we'll:

  • Get clear on what’s stopping you from experiencing true health and vitality

  • Create your best next step toward moving into your vibrant mid-life

  • Explore how we might be able to work together further

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