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Flower Essences for Your Vibrant Mid-Life

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

The last third of a woman’s life can be the most inspired, satisfying time in her life; filled with freedom, joy and unprecedented creativity.

However, for many women, their experience of peri-menopause and menopause can be confusing, exhausting and full of frustrating symptoms that they don’t understand and have a challenging time overcoming.

In fact, Researchers at the University of Arizona College of Nursing have found that among perimenopausal women- 95% suffer from sleep disturbances, 91% from hot flashes and 75% report mood swings.

Nonetheless, menopause is a natural progression. I call this third phase of a woman’s life the “Second Spring”, taken from the Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy. It represents one of the most significant shifts in a woman’s life – on par with puberty and pregnancy. And, as such, it deserves the same respect. It is, however, still a major change, and we humans often are resistant to change. Nature is wise and gentle, however, and generally provides us with a considerable period of time to adapt to these new changes gradually, smoothly and harmoniously.

There are many natural ways to help a woman transition gracefully and joyfully into this fulfilling phase of her life. One of these natural methods is Flower Essence Therapy. Flower essences are gentle, but powerful remedies made from the flowers of various plants. It is an energetic form of healing that can address mental and emotional, as well as physical, symptoms.

Perhaps one of these essences can help ease you through this period of your life:


This flower essence can help a woman adjust to the hormonal fluctuations and emotional changes that can occur during peri-menopause and menopause. Many women also find it helpful for hot flashes. It is a remedy that is useful during times of change and can help us to adjust to the shifts that are taking place.

Cherry Plum

This remedy can help restore calm and a sense of control when overwhelmed by hot flashes, intense emotions or irrational explosiveness. Cherry Plum is for the woman who fears that she is going to lose control of herself.


This flower essence can restore your energy when you’ve suffering from sleepless nights. It can help when there are feelings of complete exhaustion, where there are no reserves of energy left, when exhaustion occurs at the physical, emotional, and psychological levels, so that the smallest task becomes an insurmountable obstruction. Olive can bring peace, restoration and balance.


This remedy can bring back balance to the woman whose swinging moods find her feeling joyful one moment and crying in despair or yelling in frustration the next. It is also for those who can’t make up their minds and thus never commit to any clear decisions. When a woman is clearly out of balance - but is constantly seeking to find that balance and clarity of mind, Scleranthus can help her to make decisions quickly and with intuitive confidence.

Crab Apple

This essence is also known as the cleansing remedy. Often times, as a woman’s body changes during and after menopause, she can become disillusioned with herself and have a hard time identifying with the beauty in the changing look and feel of her physicality. Crab Apple can help her to feel better about herself and her body. It can help nourish a woman’s self-image, and restore her confidence.

Have you used Flower Essence Therapy? What were your results?

If you are interested in working with me to help you navigate the changes of mid-life, be sure to join my upcoming free training!

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