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5 Reasons Rose is the Herb for You!

Do you have roses in your yard?

Do you enjoy their aromatic beauty?

Did you know that not only is the rose beautiful, but it is also a potent medicinal plant?

For centuries, the rose has been thought of as an ornamental plant, prized for its scent and delicate beauty. A gift of roses has long symbolized love, femininity and romance.

However, the delicate nature of the soft, aromatic rose petal is balanced by the intense, protective thorns that line the stems and guard the exquisite blossoms from harm. This gives us some insight to the nature and strength of it's medicinal qualities.

Astringent and Anti-inflammatory

Scientific studies have now born out what we have known all along - Rose is an excellent anti-inflammatory remedy. Because of this action, it is soothing to sore throats, acne and rosacea, as well as burns and swelling. It's astringent and anti-bacterial nature makes it a very effective remedy for just about any type of wound, along with GI tract infections.

Women's Issues

Traditionally, the rose is known as a woman's herb. It has the ability to balance the hormones, strengthen the uterus and act as an aphrodisiac. It can be used very effectively to ease menstrual cramps internally and externally. Its benefits to the skin are multi-faceted. It can not only balance the skin, but moisturize and rejuvenate it as well. It has been used effectively in anti-aging skin products for centuries.

Depression and Grief

Rose has the ability to open the heart and bring comfort and calming to those in need. It is incredibly uplifting and can be used to ease both depression and anxiety. It can be useful in any sort of emotional trauma, fear or stress.

Nutrient Rich

Containing a wide range of antioxidants, rose petals and hips are a rich source of nutrition. Rose hips not only contain so much vitamin C that in WWII they were used as a substitute to deliver vitamin c syrup to troops in Britain, but they, along with other parts of the plant, also contain large amounts of vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, Niacin, Bioflavanoids, K, and E as well as polyphenols, pectin and bioflavanoids.

Heart Remedy

Rose is not only good for the emotional heart, but the physical heart as well. It is especially indicated in high blood pressure and/or poor circulation, and in those who experience heart palpitations and hot flashes. It also contains heart healthy pectin.

I enjoy making a variety of different medicinal remedies from the rose plant. Here is my favorite.

What's yours?

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