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5 Medicine Making Mediums

There are many ways to make medicine from herbs, plants and flowers. here is a quick review of five simple mediums you can use to create medicinal herbal remedies:

Oil - Oils like olive, almond and jojoba (which is not technically an oil, but a liquid wax) extract fat soluble constituents of medicinal herbs.

Alcohol - Various kinds of alcohol such as vodka and brandy are used to create high quality medicinal tinctures.

Vinegar - Vinegar also creates medicinal tinctures, especially suitable to herbs with high mineral content.

Honey - Raw honey makes marvelous herbal medicine, especially when using aromatic herbs.

Water - Teas are a very common way to create and take herbal medicine. Water is a wonderful way to extract many of the medicinal constituents of herbs.

Which medium do you tend to use most?

Which one are you looking forward to experimenting with?

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