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Want to Work with Me One-On-One?


If you are ready to break away from cookie cutter health solutions that really don’t work for you and start working with someone who will really listen to YOUR dreams, challenges and goals, let’s talk.
Answer the following questions as honestly as possible. Everything is 100% confidential and will ONLY be seen by me. After I’ve reviewed your application I will contact you with next steps.
(Please Note: Consultations are subject to availability and fit.  I only schedule with those I believe I can really help.)
"The work Vanessa and I did together was huge; there is no way to completely convey all that I accomplished or that she provided. Being in charge of and custom designing my own program was very important to me. Coupled with that, Vanessa’s skilled active listening and insightful feedback supported and guided me as I advanced my understanding of what I wanted, what I needed,and what the obstacles were that were getting in my way."

"Vanessa freely shared the wealth of her many specific tools and vast knowledge with feedback and suggestions and I was able to make progress quickly and consistently. Vanessa gracefully, calmly and skillfully handled whatever I brought to the sessions.   I now have tools to tackle what I used to feel stuck with and I have so much more freedom!   I got my money’s worth several times over.”

~ Diane Hurley, RN, MA
(If you are considering working with Vanessa and would like to speak to me about my experiences with her let, Vanessa know and she can arrange it. Wishing you all the health, happiness and freedom you desire)
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