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What is Homeoprophylaxis?

  • Homeoprophylaxis is NOT homeopathic vaccination.

  • HP aims to educate the immune system towards the infectious disease process, not stop or prevent disease.

  • The desired response after an HP nosode is some sort of immunological response demonstrating the action of this immune process.

  • This immunological stimulation is designed to build immunity and will help the child develop the immunological learning the diseases are intended to stimulate.

  • Learning through the acute disease process reduces the development of chronic disease.

  • Please go to to see The Solution book for more information.

  • From 2009 -2014 we have entered children in research. We are still monitoring the program and do not have the results. Over 600 children have entered the research. Thus far children are noticing improved health, not contracting the diseases. If they do, the manifestation is mild and short lived. There are no side effects reported thus far other than immune system functioning well.

  • For 2015 and beyond we still provide no guarantees of protection from any disease. Parents are voluntarily choosing this program because they believe that it will help. We know we are educating the immune system with HP.

  • The goal of HP is to stimulate the immune system in such a way that it knows how to get sick and how to recover.

  • We are not using HP to stop disease (the end result is that disease incidence should be less) but rather, we recognize that disease plays a role in health. We are working to educate the immune system.

  • Fevers, runny nose, sleeplessness etc., are the expected and the desired response. These responses should not be mitigated unless they last longer than 48 hours.

  • There is no guarantee that participants will not contract the disease.

  • It takes several doses and also the maturity of the child’s immune system to lessen susceptibility.

  • People think after a vaccine, presto, you have immunity; it takes several doses of a vaccine to produce antibodies which does not mean immunity. With HP it is the immune system fluctuations we are looking for that demonstrate developing immunity. Several doses of an HP remedy are needed to fully stimulate the immune system.

  • We do not know how many doses, nor do we know how long, the immunity lasts.

  • Our primary goal is to educate the immune system and lessen susceptibility; Antibodies may or may not be stimulated after several doses. Lack of antibodies does not mean lack of immunity. Same as the artificially elevated antibodies of the vaccine paradigm does not mean immunity: children who have been vaccinated can still get the disease.

  • It is the family’s responsibility to seek the appropriate medical treatment if necessary.

  • Isaac Golden’s research notes a 90.4 % efficacy on known exposure to disease.

  • More info here: Homeoprophylaxis

HP Program for Children

Herbs of Grace Healing Arts is committed to helping to keep your child's immune system healthy and providing affordable access to Homeoprophylaxis. You may enroll your children 1-month and older in the HP Program.  HP Fees include: Membership in FHCi (Free & Healthy Children International) which includes Newsletter, Official Up-dated HP Kit, Initial Phone, Skype or In-Office Consultation, and brief supervision for length of program (by email or phone).

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