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Ways to Work with Me

As a Traditional Naturopath, CEO of a natural cosmetics company and Professional Belly Dance Instructor, I love helping empower women to thrive during the spiritual initiation of their menopausal journey, using nature as their guide, so they can make this the most vibrant and impactful phase of their lives, through natural health, natural movement and natural beauty.  

After starting my life over at 50 years old, I found a profound way to step powerfully into my new life with vibrant health and have touched the lives of hundreds of women in similar situations.

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Vibrant Mid-Life Immersion Program

This 6-month, one to one,  transformational program is designed to help empower you with the tools and support you need to overcome the challenges of mid-life SO THAT YOU can step into this next phase of your life feeling vital, healthy, confident and capable of making the impact your were meant to make.

Awaken the Wise Woman within - Loving support to access your intuition through wise woman traditions and ancestral knowledge

Empower your Inner Healer - Tap into a community of like-minded women to make medicine and learn with

Expand your Natural Medicine Chest - Have at your fingertips, traditional healing remedies created together in ritual space

Vibrant Mid-Life

Final Revolution.png

Vibrant Mid-Life Revolution Group Program

“Hot flashes….will they ever end?!?”

Have you asked yourself this question? Be it hot flashes, sleep issues, brain fog or weight gain, are you ready to find a way to end your frustration and create true wellness through natural options?

In this group program, you will create and commit to your personalized Vibrant Mid-Life Goddess Plan, so you can create consistent rituals, start reducing menopause symptoms using natural methods and learn how to make this the most impactful phase of your life, while feeling empowered, vibrant and focused, in 12 weeks or less.

In this single session with me, you will:

  • Get clear on some of what has been causing your menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, brain fog or insomnia

  • Set clear goals, so that you can move forward in your journey through menopause feeling confident and empowered

  • Discover your best next steps toward moving into your vibrant mid-life

Flow into Wellness
Single Session Consult & Package

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A monthly movement membership program for women who want to learn and practice the ancient middle eastern dance we call 'Belly Dance' for health, fun, enjoyment and as part of a lifestyle of true wellness, in community with other women

Belly Dancing thru Life

If you are looking for a 100% natural mineral make-up that is versatile, healthy and long lasting, Natural Look Mineral Make-Up is the solution for you!

Natural Look
Mineral Make-Up

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